Success Stories  

Are You An Audit Victim of The IRS?

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)     Prior to retaining us, one of our recent clients was being asked as a result of his audit to pay the IRS an additional $10,000. He wanted to settle by paying $6,000. Our intervention reduced the total owed to just $1,600!

Do You Owe The IRS Money? Don't pay them any more than you have to!

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)    Our client came to us owing the IRS $600,000. We were able to get the IRS to eliminate more than $500,000 of his debt, thereby reducing the total owed by a substantial amount.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)    The IRS was threatening to attack the pension of a school teacher who had filed for bankruptcy because they said that the pension was exempt in the bankruptcy action. Our intercession protected his pension because we were able to convince the Service that their action was not appropriate.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)    We were able to negotiate a compromise a large tax debt for the owners of a defunct small business. We settled their entire tax obligation for about 40 cents on the dollar.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)     On a Friday morning the IRS levied the salary of a sanitation worker. By the afternoon we got the levy released.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)     A visiting nurse was charged with civil tax fraud. We appealed the decision and reduced the fraud charge to negligence.

Green Ball.gif (257 bytes)     A spouse owed the IRS $25,000 because her husband filed for bankruptcy. We prevailed in the Tax Court who agreed that was not her debt even though they filed a joint return.