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National Tax Consultants

Do you have a tax problem?

We Can Help

National Tax Consultants can assist you during all phases of an IRS audit, appeal or negotiations to reduce or even completely eliminate amounts the IRS claims you owe.

Our professionals can prepare your tax return regardless of the state in which you reside. Call us at (516) 378-2121 to arrange a consultation to discuss your tax needs or problems.

National Tax Consultants (NTC) is one of only a handful of national firms that is organized to represent taxpayers from the audit through United States Tax Court. In fact, our outstanding reputation has resulted in a great many tax preparers, accountants and attorneys referring these types of cases directly to us.

For over 25 years, we've been in the business of using our extensive experience, knowledge and resources to battle the IRS for taxpayers like you. NTC goes to great lengths to ensure we are eminently qualified to help you with your tax problems. 

Indeed, we believe we are among the most knowledgeable tax specialists in the nation. And no one exemplifies this more than our NTC's founder, Dr. William Stevenson, who serves on many state and federal government tax advisory committees. Dr. Stevenson served on the IRS Commissioner's Advisory Group. He was the spokesperson for the Subcommittee to improve the Offer in Compromise Program and to resolve small problems before they get to Tax Court. Dr. Stevenson has also been invited to speak before The National Commission to Restructure the IRS, the House Ways and Means Committee and various divisions within the IRS. He was selected as the 2002 Accountant of the Year and the 2006 National Society of Tax Professionals Ambassador to the IRS!

If you have read this far, perhaps you should call us at (516)-378-2121.
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Richard J. Grebinger, CPA
Dr. William Stevenson, EA, CFP


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